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Stem cells are tiny “progenitor” cells. They have the potential to recognise tissue injury and repair injured cells. In the right environment, these stem cells can change (differentiate) into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, neural tissue, blood vessels and even some organs. Stem cells may also affect healing by secreting special chemical messengers that repair damaged tissue. Adult stem cells appear to be particularly effective in improving painful joints, repairing cartilage and ligaments and even painful conditions along the spine. There are many clinical trials with stem cells going on right now which suggest a very broad and exciting potential for Stem Cells in Advancing Medicine. At Stem Cell Life, we assess each case on its merits as to suitability for treatment. Please use our online application form to submit an application for selection to undergo this advanced new therapy, or contact us to learn more.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr Joanna Romanowska is a founding Director of Stem Cell Life and Clinic 42. Dr Romanowska has over 18 years experience in Cosmetic Medicine. As a Fellow and Board Member of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Romanowska is also a National and International Speaker on Dermal Fillers and Facial Remodelling. Dr Romanowska is now one of the pioneers in Stem Cell Therapy and has aligned with the Cell Surgical Network group who are a highly accredited leader in this technology.

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Dr Joanna Romanowska
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Clinic 42 is an Advanced Cosmetic Medical Clinic based in Epsom, Auckland. We provide the most Advanced and Scientifically Proven Treatments Delivered Under the Careful Guidance of Our Doctors.
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